It’s simple….

The BodyTalk Access Course is based on the comprehensive foundation of the BodyTalk System. Several of the most powerful balancing techniques of the BodyTalk System have been adapted for use by the individual in the home, school, or work environment.

These five techniques along with the Fast Aid routine, work together as a set to balance the body in very general ways. Even though the balancing is general, the effects are frequently immediately noticeable.

Increase your Resiliency...

The wellness routine presented in BodyTalk Access helps to re-establish internal lines of communication within the bodymind. This ultimately helps the individual have more resiliency towards stress and any other factors that can be detrimental to long term health. The Access routine is designed to be practiced as a complete set and can be done once a day or more depending on need.

Learn in One Day, Use for a Lifetime!

BodyTalk Access has a number of benefits for you and your community:

• Promote Health, Prevent Disease

• Easy, Safe & Non-Invasive

• Decreases Stress

• Increases Brain Function

• Stimulates Immune System

• Performance Enhancement

• Quick Injury Response Tool

• Integrates with Professional Care

• Increase Resiliency

• Sustainable Healthcare

See Results…

„Several years ago, I took my first BodyTalk class with Dr. Marita Kufe in Hanover, Germany. When I returned to my home in Hamburg, I right away decided I must try to use some of the BodyTalk techniques that I had just learned on my patients. (I am an occupational therapist and was working at the time in a coma ward at a hospital in Hamburg - Bramfeld.) I didn’t know quite where to begin, so I decided to do only the Cortices technique on 10 of the patients. I then went home at the end of my shift. The next day when I arrived back, there was a terrific commotion because six patients had awakened from their comas! These were diabetes patients and accident victims, some of whom had been in comas for many months. They still had diabetes and they still needed a great deal of recovery from their injuries – but they came out of their comas and were immediately transferred off my wing for further treatment.“ Coma Phenomenon 1 Anne Baguhn, CBP - Hamburg, Germany

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