“Human beings are members of a whole

In creation of one essence and soul

If one member is afflicted with pain

Other members uneasy will remain

If you have no sympathy for human pain

The name of human you cannot retain”

Saadi (Persian poet 1210-1292)

The events of past few days and the headlines of the so called “Muslim Ban” bothers me. The world is going crazy, US president Donald Trump has released an executive order discriminating thousands of people, labelling 7 nations (including Iran) as terrorists, denying US residents of these nations entry into the country that they lawfully have the right to live in or visit. This act of injustice, unkindness, creates fear, separation and division between nations and makes me angry. My gut is telling me that unfortunately this is the beginning and that we all have to prepare for more negativity to come, which in turn makes me even angrier. I feel helpless, hopeless, rejected and give myself permission to be disappointed and frustrated. I feel how hopelessness is creeping under my skin, a state I rather not want to be in. How can I help myself? I do my Access routine over and over again. Tap out my cortices and hook myself up to my device to see how my heart rate variability is in this moment of stress. To my surprise, my computer screen shows that my system is 95% coherent. What does this mean, except that my heart, brain and breathing apparatus are synchronized? I am in the flow, in the zone, present, responsive and not reactive!! Although I feel anger (believed by many to be a negative and destructive emotion) my body is producing more DHEA, than cortisol! How??

 I have to find answers from my heart and do some “heartstorming” to understand.

I believe this is what Access magic can do. 5 simple techniques that keep me function at my best. I might not be able to change unkindness, unfairness, injustice, politics, governments, borders and belief systems, but I am able to stay aware, present and powerful to have a positive impact on my environment by using tools that empowers me. Just like a tiny little shiny sand corn on a vast beach.  The more tiny little shiny sand corns the cleaner the beach. If more people had the opportunity to be truly at their best despite the harsh environment, wouldn’t our world be a better place to live in?

This again strengthens my intention to teach and bring BodyTalk Access to under privileged communities. What is good for me, keeps me function at my best and builds my resilience is certainly good for others. Thank God there are so many other tiny little shiny sand corns all over the world that are tirelessly helping their environments. I just have to think of my colleagues and 50000 Access Technicians around the world and whoop I feel how my anger turns to hope.

I wish World Aid organizations would emphasize more on people’s well-being and peace within by teaching them tools to be able to help themselves then trying to just feed or just give them access to clean water. Imagine how our world could be when people could help themselves peacefully?